Affiliation: ENT and Head & Neck Research center and Department, Hazrat Rasoul Akram Hospital, Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS), Tehran, Iran
نشانی نویسنده مسئول: مرکز تحقیقات گوش، گلو، بینی و سرو گردن،دانشگاه علوم پزشكي و خدمات بهداشتي درماني ايران، تهران، ایران



WHO CC for Research and Education on Hearing Loss is a key institution with relevant expertise. Itrepresents a valuable resource as an extended and integral arm to WHO capacity to implement its mandated work.



WHO CC for Research and Education on Hearing Loss is a highly valued mechanism of cooparation in which this institution is recognized by WHO to assist the Organization with implementing its mandated work. This is accomplished by supporting the achievement of planned strategic objectives at the regional and global levels, enhancing the scientific validity of its global health work, and developing and strenghening istitutional capacity in country and region.

کلیه حقوق این وبگاه متعلق به مرکز تحقیقات گوش گلو بینی و سر و گردن دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ایران است.